Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Creature with Two Legs on Either Side - A Thanksgiving Perspective

Do you ever wonder......

about the little tufts of grass rising from the deeps of the earth?
about the wind-swept skies that have clouds dancing to and fro?
about fingernails growing and growing?
about little clumps of dust appearing seemingly out of nowhere?
about the minuscule ant able to carry food as heavy as itself?
about words which, at one glance, appear recognizable, but at other times, looks like meaningless symbols?
about life?

Its challenging to think of life as I have never seen it. Imagine if you had seen the world for the first time, that everything is entirely new and not understandable. Wow! How we would marvel at the sight of a leaf! The sun in all its glory. We discussed this during Torrey after reading Chesterton's A Crazy Tale (the title references a section of it). Without revealing too much of the plot, I wonder if it really is crazy?

Perspectives play such an important role in our lives. It is like glasses we throw on every day. But sometimes they are smudged, or filter out the things that we think are so ordinary. In that way, nobody thinks too much that

Today, November 25th, Wednesday
never existed before nor will ever exist again.

So...lets clean off those glasses. Lets look at the world again in a curious manner. Lets see things as if we've never seen them before, and we are looking at things in a new way.

Life as we know it would change dramatically...

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Hayden said...

I couldn't agree more. The world in all it's wonder immediately indicts us for any boredom we experience. The beauty of the world makes life such so that if we think it is dull, that is our dysfunction, and not a problem with the world.